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Dastyar is designed to answer the most commonly asked questions that business owners face in Afghanistan. These questions are organized in fourteen different topic areas tailored to the Afghan business environment.

Each answer first offers a brief explanation (called “The Basics”) that offers a quick answer to the question. If you want to go a bit deeper, a “Tell Me More” section provides a more thorough explanation. Throughout Dastyar you will also find tools, templates, and worksheets that you can download and customize for your own company.

To use Dastyar, search for a specific question or browse a topic area within the pdf document.

  • Each answer includes a number of related questions that you may find helpful in exploring the topic further
  • Relevant tools, templates, and worksheets are listed in each answer and are available for download in the “Resources” section of this website
  • The most important business terms are defined at the end of each answer and also included in the Glossary for easy reference
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